When a scammer calls a scammer…

[This was originally posted at 419eater.com before I was banned there
(because I suck, that’s why! <G>). A 419 scam is when someone offers
to send you a lot of money [lottery, inheritance, found money, etc]
for a small amount of money [eg, fees, bribe costs, “shipping and
handling”, etc]. Any such offer is a scam: you will send the money,
and never get anything back in return]

After confirming +19376198458 was a scammer (“Barrister John Smith”
from “Google team”, email barr.jsmith4@lawyer.com), I forwarded my
plivo.com number to it with call recording turned on.

I then spoofed an email from barr.jsmith4@lawyer.com telling known
scammers to call “me” at my plivo.com number. Of course they weren’t
connected to me, but to “Barrister John Smith”. Here are some of the
funnier results:

– A SENSA (sounds like SYMPA to me, but probably SENSA) representive “returning a call” (wrong number?), asking how much weight our scammer wants to lose [ironically cruel?] [cutoff at 1m]

– How sad is it when even voicemail ignores you? [30 seconds]

– Scammer tells another “you don’t speak good English!” [28 seconds]

– Two scammers yell at each other, one almost cries [22 seconds]

– Scammer calls another, ends in laughter [18 seconds]

– Honorable mention: scammers yelling (but not in anger), loud
clattering in background [41 seconds]

In the recordings below, I redirected scammers to a different scammer:

– The target scammer first realizes he’s getting calls from other
scammers [46 seconds]:


– Target scammer tries to explain to other scammers that they’re
both scammers [1m52s and 1m07s respectively]


Note: “Leonard Zeptowitz” (note metric pun), mentioned in some of the
recordings above, is one of my “bait” addresses (you may hear other bait addresses as well). Also, some of the conversations above appear to be partly in another language (perhaps Nigerian[1]) and/or have a strong accent. If anyone can help me transcribe, please contact me!

[1] The Nigerian language is a variation of the Swiss language.

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Big Bang couples

Here are screenshots of Sheldon’s and Amy’s choices for Halloween couples costumes:

The lists themselves (stolen mercilessly from http://yesterdayscheese.blogspot.com/2012/10/amy-sheldon-halloween-couples-list-big-bang-theory.html):

Couples I Like

R2D2 & C3PO
Hewlett & Packard
Batman & Robin
Jobs & Wozniak
Kirk & Spock
Arthur Dent & Ford Prefect
The Doctor & A Dalek
Salt & Pepper

Couples You Like

Cinderella & Prince Charming
Antony & Cleopatra
Blossom & Joey
Lady & Tramp
Romeo & Juliet
Jack & Rose
Dharma & Greg

Note the actress who plays Amy Farrah Fowler also played the title role in Blossom (Joey was her brother).

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Ad knockers

Many ad blockers use JavaScript (and other techniques) to stop your
browser from loading ads.

The problem: webmasters know about this technique and are starting to
deny service to those who don’t accept ads.

The solution: an ad blocker than downloads the ad (admiteddly using a
little bandwidth), but never displays it to the end user. This way,
the site has no way of knowing you’re using an ad blocker (unless the
ad is interactive in some way and/or they quiz you on the ad).

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Hate Homosexuality? Then Support It.

Some people wonder how homosexuality could be genetic, since
homosexuals obviously don’t reproduce.

The answer: some religious (and other) organizations “cure”
homosexuals by encouraging them to love and ultimately marry the
opposite sex.

When the couple has children, the children may have homosexual genes.

The solution: stop trying to “cure” homosexuals. If you must, convince
them to try abstitence, but “curing” them may just lead to more

Of course, homosexuality may not be genetic; this post just shows that
it’s not impossible for it to be genetic.

Note: I am not anti-gay; this is just a thought I had.

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Stephen Hawking doesn’t suck

In a recent Big Bang Theory episode, Stephen Hawking defeats Sheldon
at Words with Friends, and jokes that Sheldon is like a black hole
because he “sucks”.

There’s really no such thing as “sucking”. Liquid travels up a straw
because you create a partial vacuum by “sucking”, so the stronger air
pressure outside the straw pushes the liquid up the straw, until the
force of gravity balances the difference in air pressure you’ve
created by “sucking” (this is also how barometers work).

Of course, Dr Hawking knows this and was just joking.

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Stephen Hawking, voiceover artist?

A recent episode of Big Bang Theory features Sheldon playing Words
with Friends against Stephen Hawking (thus concluding that he must be
“friends” with Stephen Hawking).

At the end of the episode, Stephen Hawking calls Sheldon, berating
Sheldon for losing. However, we never actually *see* Dr Hawking.

The credits, however, mention Dr Hawking as a special guest star. This
is normal when a celebrity voice appears in a TV show (even if the
celebrity himself does not appear), but seems a bit odd here, since Dr
Hawking’s voice is computerized text-to-speech.

It’s possible that Dr Hawking uses a special text-to-speech program
that isn’t available elsewhere, so it really is “his” voice on the
show. It’s also possible the producers just wanted to credit Dr
Hawking, who has appeared in person on the show previously.

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Square Cube Fraud

If everything in the universe doubled in size linearly, would you notice?

Some people say you would, since surface area only increases by 4
times, while volume (and thus presumably mass and further presumably
weight) increases by 8 times. Thus, all surfaces would be supporting
relatively twice as much mass as before (8 divided by 4).

They’re wrong, of course. If *everything* doubled in size, that would
include atoms and even sub-atomic particles. This would require
fundamental changes in the physical laws of the universe, so it’s not
at all clear that surfaces would be supporting twice as much weight.

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Drunk Amy

In a recent episode of Big Bang Theory, Amy and Sheldon go on a
(contractually obligated) date.

When Amy leaves, Sheldon says “I need you”, but only because she’s his

At this point, however, Amy is fairly drunk, and they appear to be
leaving the restaurant. Was Sheldon going to let Amy drive him home
while she’s intoxicated?

It’s possible Sheldon would use his learning permit to drive (with Amy
as the required “licensed driver” in the car), but this seems

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Nuts to Wollowitz

In a recent episode of Big Bang Theory, Howard waxes nostalgic to when
he hid under a desk in his room, ate peanut M&Ms, and went into his
first anaphalactic shock. After returning from the hospital, he
celebrated by eating some Snickers, which caused him to suffer a
second anaphalactic shock. We’ve seen other evidence of Howard’s
peanut allergy as well.

Howard then says he learned about his allergy after his third Almond Joy.

The problem? Peanuts are legumes, not nuts. A peanut allergy is
completed unrelated to a true nut (tree nut) allergy.

It’s possible that Howard is allergic to both and/or the traces of
peanut found in Almond Joy (since they’re manufactured in the same
facility that makes peanut candies) trigger his allergy.

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Something MythINC notes

The narrator explains we can take a quick look around the kingdom
because “it’s not that big a kingdom”, but didn’t it expand
considerably after Hemlock’s conquests? Isn’t that the reason Hemlock
needs Myth INC to help her with taxes/finances?

While Guido is talking to Spyder, Pookie wanders off and then
re-appears. Given her excellent Pervish hearing, Pookie could’ve
easily eavesdropped on the entire conversation. I’m guessing she chose
not to, since she makes the exact error that Guido says a professional
would never make.

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