More details about “Barry After Vark”

When shut down, they gave everyone until September 30th 2011
to download their data.

I received their notice on October 4th 2011.

On October 6th 2011, I requested my vark data.

On April 25th 2012, I finally received it.

The “Barry After Vark” (get it?) posts are most (not all) of my vark
conversations. Notes:

  • If the question starts with (You), I asked it
  • If the question starts with (name), someone else asked, and I replied
  • The “Vark assigned category” is provided primarily for humorous
    purposes. Vark did a poor job of auto-assigning categories
  • Vark frequently mangled conversation threads, and the posts
    reflect this
  • These posts were converted from the email vark sent me to WordPress using

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