Extremely Minor Things That Annoy Me

– Firefox keeps its “Preferences” option in different places on each
platform. On Linux, it’s Edit/Preferences. On Windows, it’s
Tools/Options. On the Mac, it’s Firefox/Preferences. What bugs me
even more is that I’m pretty sure this is intentional.

– I’m opposed to HTML email in general, but when people send me long
links (over 80 characters) in a text message, I find it annoying to
cut and paste the link because it breaks across two or more
lines. It seems like the ONE time HTML email might be useful, people
don’t use it.

– Most state pulldown menus list New Mexico as NM, so I type “NM” on
the select box. However, some pulldown menus still list it as “New
Mexico”, so my trick doesn’t work.

– I worry that there are duplicates in this list.

– I worry that people will look at the entry above and assume I put it in there solely so I could intentionally put in a duplicate for humorous purposes, but I haven’t.

– I sometimes receive letters from banks with checks attached. The
checks are perforated for my convenience, but the perforation is
only micrometers from the third fold in the letter, making it
difficult to tear at the perforation without tearing at the fold.

– If you “cd /some/dir/xyz”, where “xyz” is a file, the cd command
fails entirely, which is annoying. I’d like it to just cd to
“/some/dir”, since that’s probably what I wanted to do anyway.

– For a long time, I thought I was one Chinese “zodiac” sign (based
on my year of birth), but it turns out I was born a day before the
Chinese New Year, so I’m actually a different sign.

– When tutoring, I find it really difficult to quickly sketch a
scalene, non-right-angle triangle: I really have to concentrate

– I think I may use the word albeit too much.

– The raw formatting for this article/page is hideous, but, since it shows up fine when published, I don’t do anything about it.

– I often get (or write down) many blog ideas at once, so my blog
entries show many entries at nearly the same time followed by large
gaps. This is probably a bad thing, and I wonder if I should be
using ‘pages’ instead of ‘posts’. I once tried to schedule out my
blog posts (eg, one per day), but that just gave me writer’s block
(which some people would say is a good thing, I suppose!)

– I’ve never really been happy with WordPress as a blogging
platform, but, short of writing one myself, it’s the best I could
fine. Still, I feel I’ve settled.

– Most game shows increase scoring as the game progresses, so that
even if a contestant is trailing by many points, they can still come
back to win. What’s wrong with that? It means the earlier rounds are
essentially a waste of time. It would be fairer (albeit less
exciting) for scoring to be consistent throughout the game.

– My sister kept her diary well hidden, and even had a little lock
on it. Even my *failed* attempts to look at it would bring swift
retribution. Today, teenage girls apparently post their innermost
private thoughts on the web for everybody to see. Sigh!

– When Sherri Sheppard tells the winning couple on the Newlywed Game
“you’re going to x”, I always wonder what x is like. But now, the
getaway is in New Mexico so she says “you’re going to New Mexico”,
and I already LIVE there. She *could* say “you’re going to Tanques
Verdes, New Mexico” (or whatever), but she just says “New Mexico”.

– Even though I told myself throughout December to be careful, the
first thing I typed in the new year was “01 Jan 2012” instead of

– When I’m playing Words With Friends through Facebook and do
something “extraordinary”, it pops up a window asking if I want to
post it to my “wall”. Not only is the terminology wrong (Facebook
calls it a “timeline” now), the “publish” link doesn’t work!

– The Unix “less” command doesn’t accept the “file:///” protocol
(not that it should).

– When my phone tells me I have a voice mail and I acknowledge it,
it then tells me I have a missed call as well. Duh!

– Word With Friends’ chat sometimes acts like I’ve hit CAPS LOCK and makes me\
type in ALL CAPITALS until I hit the SHIFT key again.

– Everytime I see a exclamatory sentence that ends with a number, I
think “factorial”.

– If I want to turn off my Wii Remote without turning off the Wii
console, I have to take the remote out of the console’s range.

– When I open Splenda packets with my fingers, it releases a small
amount of white powder. When I open it with scissors, this doesn’t
happen. Why?

– I always confuse the ‘A’dd and ‘I’gnore keys for ispell, partly
because they were reversed in an older spelling program.

– ispell regards its own name as a misspelling

– On GAIM, the letters “rn” look like “m”, sometimes confusing me (I
can usually figure it out from context). This only happens in GAIM,
not other applications.

– I like eating bread crusts (toasted), but don’t know how many
calories they have, and don’t want to ding myself the calorie cost
of a full slice of bread just to eat one. I could estimate that two
crusts = one slice, but that’s probably an underestimate.

– Removed printer to move it to a better location, but have left it
unplugged, since I’ve had no need to print.

– Stuffed bunny on fan is vibrating and moving forward and will
eventually fall off fan. Need to find more permanent location.

– Too many drugs/condiments on my desk: need to figure out which
ones I use and return the rest to the appropriate cabinet.

– Vaguely unhappy that I’m using too much electricity. Even after
Kill-A-Watt’ing and other efficiency measures, I sense I could save
more. But probably not much more, so is it worth the effort?

– Having to run AC in October. Stupid Albuquerque.

– Should I pour Coke Zero over ice (colder, lasts longer, burns
calories) or straight from the fridge (obtain caffeine quicker)?

– AC appears to have no “perfect” setting, perhaps because it has a
“buffer” of 1-2 degrees. I have to change the thermostat 2-3 times a

– Having to turn GAIM notifications off when I’m chatting with
someone (so I can do other things at the same time), and back on
when I’m chatting with no one (so I’ll know if one of my friends
says something).

– Having a large collection of pens, some of which work, some of
which don’t. Too lazy to test them, or even separating the ones that
work after I use them.

– Having to use a magnifying glass (or reading glasses) on the rare
occasions I need to read small print.

– Not 100% happy with the flashlight situation in my house: do I
have enough bright long-lasting flashlights in case of a power
outage, and is it worth the effort to think about this?

– When I drink coffee with sugar-free creamer, I don’t record the
small number of calories it has. Should I?

– There are always various small objects on my desk that I’m sure I
put there for a purpose, but no longer remember why. However, I
can’t remove them from my desk because they might be important.

– I have an SD card that has my Wii Fit weighings on it, but I
might’ve overwritten it and/or it’s lost. I’ve been recording my
weight directly to HD for the last 3+ years, so is it worth finding?

– Somewhere, I have an adapter that converts a small SD card (in my
phone) to a regular-size SD card I can use with my computer. Is it
worth looking for, should I buy a new one, or are the pictures on my
phone’s SD card so worthless that there’s no point in moving them to
my computer?

– Should I find and put a pencil sharpener on my desk, or simply
find and use mechanical pencils?

– A long time ago, a neighbor asked me if I had any spare boxes. I
didn’t at the time, but now frequently receive boxes. Should I make
an effort to find/remember who the neighbor was, assuming he still
lives here and still needs boxes?

– Should I switch back to using plastic cups (instead of disposable
styrofoam ones), which sometimes look unclean when the dishwasher
leaves a residue, or continue using the less cost-efficient
styrofoam cups?

– I have a mic/headphone combination especially designed for
SkyPE. Should I try to find it, or just buy a new one?

– I can switch to a new diabetes meter that requires less blood, but
it would require changing my test strip prescription, and I usually
have enough blood for my current meter. Should I switch anyway?

– I have a battery that recharges from a USB port. I no longer need
it, since I have many rechargeable batteries that recharge in a
charger. Should I stick it into a USB port anyway, or just put it
away into storage?

– Should I call Geico or Progressive for an insurance quote? I
currently bundle home/car with State Farm AND my mortgage company
has to approve my home insurance, so this would be a major hassle,
even on the off chance I could save money (I have minimum required
legal insurance on my car).

– It’s cool enough that I can open my windows in the morning, but
too warm to keep them open in the afternoon. Should I develop an
efficient procedure for when to close them, or just continue doing
it when I realize it’s too warm, especially given that this
situation will only last for a couple of weeks.

– Should I buy a digital scale to weigh food I eat, or try to fix my
existing non-digital scale? Since I rarely eat non-pre-packaged
foods, do I even need a scale?

– I take a calcium supplement that you’re supposed to take one chew
twice a day but I take two chews at one time. This may mean I’m not
absorbing all the calcium.

– I printed out a GSN schedule a few months back that someone threw
away by accident. It was out of date anyway, but I can’t print a new
one since my printer is disconnected. However, GSN rarely follows
their schedule anyway, so I’m not sure if it’s worth reconnecting
the printer and printing their new schedule.

– My (30-year-old) CompuTemp device has stopped keeping time
accurately, so I have to plug in a digital clock, while leaving the
CompuTemp to display indoor/outdoor temperature only.

– I’ve created a spreadsheet of foods I eat and shared it publicly,
but some of the items are so specifically made that my spreadsheet
isn’t useful to anyone else (and is barely useful to me at times)

– I’m allergic to popcorn, but take diphenhyramine chloride
(antihistamine) to avoid the allergic reaction AND help me to
sleep. This might be a bad thing to do.

– Although I buy food in smaller portions (dieting), I end up eating
more of those smaller portions.

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