Question closed on Need free help in a hurry? is a great site to ask questions and receive
professional answers, but it usually takes time to get an answer and
questions are sometimes closed unnecessarily.

Here are some other options:

You can also try visiting the Physics StackExchange chat room: where the atmosphere
is generally friendlier. In many cases, they will help you with
homework, even if your problem was closed on the main site.

  • If you need help more urgently, or your question was closed on a
    different StackExchange site, you might try:

    • near-real-time help, somewhat
      difficult-to-naviate interface

    • if you just need to check your answers, this
      can be helpful, but it’s been having a few serious problems later,
      so proceed with caution.

    • if your question is more philosophical or
      discussion-based (instead of looking for a specific answer), Quora
      might be the place to post.

If you would like any other sites listed here, please let me know. The
listings below are from individual users, and I have not vetted them:

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