Pearls Before Swine comments

Have you ever commented on an old Pearls Before Swine strip and
wondered if anyone replied to your comment?

I maintain a queryable database of gocomics comments to help answer
that question. For example, here are the 100 most recent comments on
Pearls Before Swine (admittedly, many of them are mine, and most of
them are on current strips, and there are glitches):

Here are the most recent comments on older (non-2014) strips:

If you know SQL, you can create your own queries. If not, email me at for help. This works for all gocomics
comics, not just Pearls Before Swine.

If you’re a programmer and can help me with this project, email

There’s also a Pearls Before Swine wiki (I don’t run it) at:

which answers some of the more popular comments questions (sort of):

Croc deaths (not all of them):

Colorization of old strips (page I started):

and a couple of other pages I created:

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