“Lunar Embassy” scumbag Dennis Hope goes one step too far

Dennis Hope claims to own the moon, and sells pieces of it to
unsuspecting consumers. By putting “this is a novelty gift” on the
deeds, Hope narrowly avoids prosecution.

A while back, however, Hope decided to go one step further and claim
the United States now recognized his sovereignty:


The document he references however
http://www.galacticgovernment.info/USRecGG.pdf is just a copyright
registration and explicitly states “For the contents of the annexed
document, the Department [of State] assumes no responsibility”.

This is likely a federal offense, so I wrote the below to the
Department of State, though it’s unlikely they will take action:

Subject: Criminal use of copyright registration 
Dennis Hope (tranquility-base@lunarembassy.info), who sells "lunar 
real estate", claims that the United States government has recognized 
the soverignity of his "Galactic Government" based on this document 
signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: 
However, this document is merely a copyright registration, and does 
not recognize Hope's soverignity. 
I believe this is a gross and criminal abuse of copyright 
registration, and am asking the Department of State to investigate and 
prosecute Mr Dennis Hope. 
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