Foglio’s Bookshop

When Skeeve first visits Deva in Myth Adventures #5 (magazine size
comic book), the bookseller titles are (my comments are in braces {like this}:

Thieves World

Booger Picking [for?] Fun & Profit – Tim Sale

?Engle ?fiala

The Phil A. Delphia Story

A Poodle with a Mowhawk – L. Barry {reference to Poodle with a Mohawk by Lynda Barry}

Life in Hell – M.G. {real book; tribute to Matt Groening}

[book with no title]

The Tale of Beatrot Potter {Beatrix Potter reference?}

Scru? Dog of Alaska

Son of Necromoncon


Pertwillby Papers 2 {reference to The Pertwillaby Papers}

Nancy: Threat or Menace?

Jokes [and?] Games – Crowley


Directions – Mac?




Swords of Cerebus (2,3,4,5) {real books by Dave Sim}

Stop ?

Additional signs read:

Foglio’s Amazing Weight Reduction Program (now in paperback!) {because
paperbacks weigh less than hardcover}

Yes! We Carry Warp(tm) Comix!!

Golden Age Collectables

Knowledge is Power Read {on tshirt}

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