We now Paas for station acquisition

A recent episode of 30 Rock had Alec Baldwin’s character (Jack
Doneghy) hoping that PAAS would buy CableTown. Of course, PAAS isn’t
actually a company, so this is impossible… as a PAAS representative
confirmed via email:

Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 08:11:58 -0400
From: SignatureBrands@signaturebrands.com
To: paas@barrycarter.info
Subject: PAAS

That is correct. PAAS is a brand owned by Signature Brands, LLC. and is not capable of purchasing other companies as is portrayed in 30 Rock

Thank you,
Signature Brands, LLC
Consumer Relations
Melissa Garcia

> A recent episode of “30 Rock” had Alex Baldwin’s character
> wishing that PAAS had purchased CableTown, the (fictious) company
> his character works for.

> To confirm, this would be impossible in real life, since PAAS
> isn’t an independent company, but rather a holding of Signature
> Brands, correct?

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