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Britta’s got a nice Perry…

The only transcription I could find of the newspaper article above (from Community) was in google’s cache, not on any live sites. I’m copying that transcription here (I was going to transcribe it myself, but the google cache version appears … Continue reading

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End of the pinnipeds…

When Don Henley’s “End of the Innocence” was popular, I kept trying to write an “end of the pinnipeds” parody re dolphins being caught in tuna traps, mistakenly thinking dolphins were pinnipeds.

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Unreal Reality for Parks and Recreation

On more than one occassion, a character on Parks and Recreation has threatened to lie under oath to manipulate another character. The problem? There’s a camera right there, recording both the truth and the threat! The manipulated character could easily … Continue reading

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Like Trillian, like Dax

An episode of ST:DS9 shows Dax having difficulty lifting heavy cups for Worf’s mother as part of a Klingon marriage ritual. This may be a reference to the difficulty Sandra Dickinson (Trillian on the TV version of HHGTG) had lifting … Continue reading

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We now Paas for station acquisition

A recent episode of 30 Rock had Alec Baldwin’s character (Jack Doneghy) hoping that PAAS would buy CableTown. Of course, PAAS isn’t actually a company, so this is impossible… as a PAAS representative confirmed via email: Date: Thu, 16 May … Continue reading

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Null showerhead

I think my showerhead needs a “null” setting so I can turn off the water while lathering up. Turning off the water entirely and then turning it back on doesn’t work as well.

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Circle in the (Greek) sand?

Everytime I hear the Bangles’ “Circle in the Sand”, I think of Archimedes.

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