Long conversation between scammers

[This was originally posted at 419eater.com before I was banned there
(for reasons best left unexplored <G>). A 419 scam is when
someone offers to send you a lot of money [lottery, inheritance, found
money, etc] for a small amount of money [eg, fees, bribe costs,
“shipping and handling”, etc]. Any such offer is a scam: you will send
the money, and never get anything back in return]

I set up a plivo.com number to forward to a known scammer while
recording the call, and then asked other known scammers to call that
number. Here is the 16m21s recording (the target scammer knows the
person calling is a fellow scammer):

[let me know if you can help me transcribe this]

The call resulted from this letter that I’d sent to many known scammers:

From: John Smith Attorney at Law
To: {recipient address}
Subject: Please call me at home

I am an attorney, but I do not want to handle this through my office,
given the amount involved.

Could you call me at my home phone +1-602-354-{my plivo.com bait
number, which forwards to +19376198458, recording the entire
conversation as it does}

Please do not contact me at my office email again, this is not
something I want to share with my partners.

Thank you, John Smith (Atty at Law, Lices. AZ)

[yes, “Lices. AZ” is a cheap shot at Arizona]

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