Dominos Pizza thin crust slicing


UPDATE: For 10″ and 12″ thin crust pizzas, the serving size is 1/4 pizza (or 2 radial slices), so adjust accordingly.

Dominos Pizza give nutrition information per radial slice (8 slices =
1 pizza), but, when you order a thin crust pizza, they cut it

So what is the radial slice equivalent of each thin crust slice?

How did I get this?

Assume AC=1, and consider triangle ADF. Since AF=1 (radius) and
AD=1/2, DF=Sqrt[3]/2

Since DE=1/2, EF = Sqrt[3]/2-1/2.

By similar argument: EH = Sqrt[3]/2-1/2.

HEF (wedge) is 1/4th of a circle with radius Sqrt[3]/2-1/2. Thus wedge
area = (2-Sqrt[3])*Pi/8 (approx 0.105223)

ADEB is a square with sides 1/2, and thus has area 1/4 (0.25)

Shapes GHED and CFEB are similar and thus have equal area.

Since wedge area GAC is Pi/4, each shape has 1/2 the remaining area or:

(Sqrt[3]*Pi-2)/16 (approx 0.215087 each)

Dividing into pi (the entire area of the pie, ha ha) and multiplying
by 8 yields the results in the diagram.

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