Too dumb to scam?

Scammers target dumb people because they’re easier to scam.

But what if they’re so dumb they can’t even follow simple instructions?

Here’s a multi-day google talk chat I had with a scammer who answered
my chat request, (contains strong language):

Note that none of the information I give the scammer in this
conversation is valid:

– I do not have a 7-month year old daughter, do not speak with a
vodor, do not have a hearing problem, am not otherwise handicapped
or disabled.

– I did not call Western Union, any bank, or the scammer himself at
any time. I did email to receive “the proper forms”

– The phone numbers, MCTN, and bank routing/account numbers are
randomly generated (although there is a “First Union Bank”).

– I’ve replaced my scambait email address with “ME”

– I did visit (just to see the layout), but all the
site errors/warnings I mention are fictious.

– The URLs allowed me to capture the scammer’s IP address:

I get a little too much into character (ie, nasty and mentally
handicapped) near the end of the conversation.

I believe his account ( is still open, so
you may want to try google talking him yourself (as always, be careful
when spambaiting).

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