shipping scam (or is it

If you buy products on, you pay a fairly high
shipping charge.

If you buy products on, you pay a much lower
shipping charge.

Where the heck is that extra money going? Is undercutting its own resellers?

Here’s the transcript of my chat with re this issue (scroll down):

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Chat start time  Jan 24, 2013 3:05:44 PM EST
Chat end time  Jan 24, 2013 3:47:21 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time)  00:41:36
Operator  Tara

Chat Transcript

info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.

info: You are now chatting with 'Tara'

you: I just placed an order for Hormel Roast Beef Hash and noticed that the shipping was MUCH cheaper if I order directly vs if I order from Amazon. Is this intentional?

Tara: Hello! How may I help you?

you: As above, please :)

Tara: We offer $4.95 flat rate shipping anywhere within the Continental United States on our website.

you: OK, but if I order through Amazon, the shipping price is much higher?

Tara: Yes, the $4.95 flat rate shipping is only offered on

you: And you see nothing wrong with that? Same product, same shipping, but costs way more on Amazon than on

Tara: We are not in control of the Amazon platform and we must adhere to their shipping fees based on the weight of the product. With Ozbo we have a standard shipping policy of $4.95.

you: When I order through Amazon, the product still ships directly from you to me, correct? Or does it ship to Amazon first and then to me?

Tara: It ships directly from Ozbo.

you: Where does the extra shipping money go if I order through Amazon? Does Amazon get that extra money?

Tara: Have you placed on order with Ozbo?

you: Yes, I have, I'm just curious about why the shipping prices are so different. It seems deceptive and wrong.

Tara: We apologize for the confusion.

you: At the very least, I'd like to know who is pocketing the dirty money.

Tara: May I ask you what your Order Number is please.

you: That's not really relevant, though. I ordered thru your site and got the 4.95 shipping rate, but I ALMOST ordered through, and wanted to get's position on this issue.

Tara: We do pay Amazon a commission to sell our products on their website.

you: And the customer ends up paying part of that commission?

Tara: We are able to list our shipping rates at the price of our choice on our website.

you: But Amazon insists you use their shipping rates even though they never ship or receive the product?

Tara: We offer $4.95 flat rate shipping on our website.

you: Someone is making money deceiving customers. Is it or

Tara: and do not make money by deceiving customer.

you: OK, if I order through, who gets the extra shipping charge I pay?

Tara: You will need to contact for further information.

you: You don't know whether your company gets extra "shipping" money when people order through

Tara: An item that weighs 40lbs and an item that weighs 10lbs is not going to cost the same amount to ship. We are shipping everything on our website for $4.95.

Tara: There is not an 'extra' shipping money.

you: Yes, I understand that. But, if someone buys your items through, why do they pay the full shipping charge, and not get the discount from your website?

Tara: There is not any 'extra' shipping money

you: My question is: if I order your products through Amazon, I pay more. What additional benefit do I get that justifies this extra cost?

Tara: We are trying to drive business to our website.

you: Of course, I understand that. But, from a consumer's point of view, why am I paying more through

you: There's no indication on your product page that your product will ship cheaper if they come to

Tara: You are not 'paying more', you just aren't receiving the shipping promotion that we have on our website.

you: Ummm, if I'm not receiving the shipping promotion, I *am* paying more.

Tara: Yes, I am sorry but does have rules and regulations that we must abide by.

you: OK, and, just to confirm, your company position is that this is not an unfair and deceptive trade practise?

Tara: We are not an unfair company.

you: OK, and, to confirm, people who buy your product on do not receive any more benefit or service than if they buy on

Tara: yes

you: They just pay more?

Tara: yes

Tara: Only because of our $4.95 shipping promotion

you: So you're undercutting Amazon. Isn't that metaphorically biting the hand that feeds you?

you: If I'd ordered from amazon and then found out about the promotion, I would have been unhappy.

Tara: No, we love

you: Most companies don't undercut their resellers.

Tara: Is there anything else I can help you with?

you: LOL!

you: OK, OK, I guess we won't reach a conclusion on this.

you: Please file this as a complaint with your complaints department.

you: I'll blog it and see if we can bring this injustice to and end.

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