Wii Tennis Skill Levels

I recently hand recorded the results of a bunch of Wii Tennis games I
played against Elisa and Sarah, wherein I played the receiving team
(never serving), and played both members of the receiving team. I also
played only 1 game, not best 3 out of 5, etc.

The results are scanned below. Key:

“L 30 1853 -18” means that I lost, and scored 30 points before
losing. My ending skill level was 1853, a loss of 18 skill level
points from my previous games.

“W D 1943 +3” means that I won, and that Elisa/Sarah scored duece
before I won. My ending skill level was 1943, a gain of 3 points from

Not all games I played are listed: in particular, I didn’t list games
where I played lesser opponents. I skipped recording some other games
as well, so the skill levels don’t “add up” row to row.

One day, I plan to write a blog entry re how Wii skill level scoring
is both unfair and inconsistent, but, for now, this is it.

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