Myth-Chief notes

One of the junk items Marmel and Marmilda’s dad had was “hundreds of
folded documents” of “long, skinny maps”. This is a reference to the
Trip-Tiks AAA used to give out to members to help them plan a trip.

“Temple of Shirli in Lahlipop”: reference to child actress Shirley
Temple, who frequently sang “On the Good Ship Lollipop” in her
movies. Shirley Temple also makes Cracked’s list of “Ten People You
Thought Were Dead (but aren’t)”.

“Become a traveling peddler in Avalon goods”, a reference to Avon and
Avon ladies.

The dimension “Ayer” is a reference to Ireland. Ireland’s name in
Irish is “Ayer”.

“all you have to do is go to the Temple of the Six Temptations in
Harbold, pry the big yellow stone out of the idol on the center altar”
is roughly the plot of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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