Things on GSN that make you go hmmmmm

Which is worse, being a has-been child star who everyone has forgotten
about, or being a has-been child star hosting a program on GSN?

Does Micky Padilla serve any actual purpose?

Why does Joey Fatone refer to Steve Harvey as the “star” of Family
Feud, when “host” was good enough for Richard Dawson?

Why does Steve Harvey ask questions like “who would grandpa hump
naked” and then claim it’s a “family show”?

Why does Sherri Sheppard tell us the score after round one and then
repeat it before round two, even though it’s exactly the same?

Who writes Sherri Sheppard’s opening jokes, and why haven’t they been
fired or shot yet?

Why does GSN produce 3 good programs (Instant Recall, Hidden Agenda,
Late Night Liars) to every bad program (Baggage), and then keep the
bad one? Are they sadists?

Where does GSN find Pyramid celebrities so dumb that they’re never in
danger of giving out any money?

Why does the Pyramid host constantly remind us what seven out of seven
does? Are GSN viewers’ memories really that short?

How slowly would Alfonso Ribeiro have to say “twenty-five thousand
dollars” to make it seem like a big game show prize? Longer than the
entire length of the show?

Does Steve Harvey think making contestants say “twenty thousand
dollars” makes it sound bigger than “50 times less than the top prize
on Millionaire?”

Given that game show contestants have to pay taxes on their winnings,
wouldn’t winning the “brand new car” on Family Feud actually be a

Does Mike Richards die a little inside when he assures contestants
that 7 is a “good score” for three rounds?

Why does GSN run ten minutes of commercial programming every half
hour? Is it because the commercials are often more entertaining than
the shows?

What ever happened to that Bob guy who kept yelling at us about
oodles? Mind you, I’m not complaining.

Why does Richard Karn say “I’m doubling the points, don’t try to stop
me” every episode? Has someone tried to stop him? Has anyone ever
laughed at this joke?

Is GSN run my trained monkeys, or, as evidenced by their programming,
have the monkeys not been trained yet?

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