Words with Enemies

I’ve noticed there are a lot of words which differ trivially in
spelling, but have vastly different meanings. Ones I found so far:

If you vote for something, you won’t veto it.

If there is a casual relationship between two things, it is not causal.

If you aren’t united, your relations are untied

Your pubic hair is certainly not public.

A concert video shows the band in concert; a concept video expresses a theme.

The waxing moon is getting bigger; the waning moon is getting smaller.

I don’t own my house: I still owe money on it.

Boring pornography won’t make you go boing.

You might make faces when you make feces, but they’re certainly quite different.

If you rescind a directive, you certainly wouldn’t re-send it.

Of course, it sometimes goes the other way:

Protein helps build muscles and is thus pro-teen.

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