Boysenberry boo boo

In Marvel’s Star’s Rocky + Bullwinkle 2 (Jan 1986),
Sherman and Peabody meet the Wright Brothers (before
their Kitty Hawk flight), who are enjoying a
boysenberry pie.

The problem? Boysenberries didn’t exist until the late
1920s, and weren’t named until 1932, while the Wright
Brothers flew their first plane in 1903.

Time-travelling talking dogs I can accept, but
boysenberries in the early 1900s? Come on, Marvel,
give us some credit!

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2 Responses to Boysenberry boo boo

  1. Big Steve says:

    Nobody knows when boysenberries first appeared on the planet. In the ’20s, people started looking for something that they knew already existed. Later, it was given a name. If I find an undiscovered animal, rock, insect, etc., it doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist before I found it or before I named it.

    • barrycarter says:

      OK, but they still wouldn’t have been called boysenberries in the early 1900s.

      Also, I believe Boysen Farms specifically bred this variety of berry, and that it was never found naturally.

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