xtranormal.com motions/etc list

Here are the actor motions for xtranormal.com as of now:

arms-crossed, arms-out, arms-out-to-crowd, arm-sweep-arc, blow-kiss,
bye, chin-scratch, clench-fists, cough-choke, counting-1, counting-3,
counting-5, crazy, dance-turn, dance-twist, dance-wave, doh, enough,
finger-point, fist-in-hand, fist-pump, get-outta-here,
hands-over-ears, hand-to-mouth, head-scratch, head-tilt-back,
idle-female-hands-on-hips, idle-female-legs-apart,
idle-female-one-arm-up, idle-female-one-hand-on-hip,
idle-female-relaxed-01, idle-female-relaxed-02,
idle-female-relaxed-03, idle-female-shy, i-dont-know, im-so-tired,
ironic-clap, listening, looking-at-chest, looking-at-feet,
looking-over-shoulder, my-head-hurts, neutral, no-i-dont-think-so,
nonsense, no, on-and-on, pump-up-crowd, punch-hand, robot, rub-hands,
sad-disappointed, saluting-crowd, so-so, talk-to-hand, this-big,
this-is-the-truth, throwing-up, too-hot, up-yours, victory-is-mine,
what-can-i-say, whatever, what-is-this, wonderful, yes, yummy

The actor points:

point-behind, point-ground, point-himself, point-to-heaven-01,
point-to-heaven-02, point-up, point

The actor faces:

anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise

The actor look-ats:

Look at current camera

The actor pauses:

I’m thinking…, I’m totally stumped…

Still working on the sound effects. Surprised this isn’t listed somewhere on the web already!

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