Quora tip: ask question without stupid autocomplete!

Ever since vark.com died, I’ve used quora.com to ask simple questions
(stackexchange.com for more complex ones).

I prefer to type my questions in a word processor (emacs) and then
cut/paste them, since webform boxes were never meant for editing.

The problem: Quora tries to auto-complete your question, and cut/paste
somehow breaks this. If I give in and try typing the question out, the
auto-complete slows the process down to a crawl.

Solution: After preparing your question in a word processor, do “add
question” in Quora, with the title “WTF?” (or any short phrase). Then,
when the “add detail” box comes up, you can cut/paste the subject (and
body) without autocomplete interfering.

Note: If Quora gives you an error, go to the subject box, and add a
space to the end of the text. This will remove the “too short”
error. If you click “ask question” and it says “doesn’t look like a
real question”, click on the hyperlink (not button) to confirm it is a

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