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Great cause, horrible name: PED

The New Mexico Public Education Department refers to itself as PED: “Ped State” would be a cool name for a football team… not!

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Boysenberry boo boo

In Marvel’s Star’s Rocky + Bullwinkle 2 (Jan 1986), Sherman and Peabody meet the Wright Brothers (before their Kitty Hawk flight), who are enjoying a boysenberry pie. The problem? Boysenberries didn’t exist until the late 1920s, and weren’t named until … Continue reading

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Encounter at… Community?

In a recent episode of Community, Abed and Troy showed Annie their “Dreamatorium”, which looks identical to STTNG’s holodeck. Abed later notes the Dreamatorium can turn into a courtroom in “the blink of an eye” and then snaps his fingers. … Continue reading

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Blackadder’s Dirty Dictionary

In an episode of Blackadder (3rd series), Samuel Johnson is shocked to find the Prince looking up dirty words in the dictionary that Samuel Johnson created. In real life, Johnson was careful to omit profanities and other dirty words.

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Here are the actor motions for as of now: arms-crossed, arms-out, arms-out-to-crowd, arm-sweep-arc, blow-kiss, bye, chin-scratch, clench-fists, cough-choke, counting-1, counting-3, counting-5, crazy, dance-turn, dance-twist, dance-wave, doh, enough, finger-point, fist-in-hand, fist-pump, get-outta-here, hands-over-ears, hand-to-mouth, head-scratch, head-tilt-back, idle-female-hands-on-hips, idle-female-legs-apart, idle-female-one-arm-up, idle-female-one-hand-on-hip, … Continue reading

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Giving the 99ers some money

According to only 13% of all Americans are proficient in mathematics. May we can just TELL the 99ers we gave them some money and they’ll go away?

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Occupy the Milky Way?

Did you know that: Only 3 stars (Sirius, Canopus, Arcturus) make up over 10% of the night’s stellar brightness? That’s 0.2% of the visible stars controlling 10% of the brightness! The 18 brightest stars (1.1% of the total number of … Continue reading

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Quora tip: ask question without stupid autocomplete!

Ever since died, I’ve used to ask simple questions ( for more complex ones). I prefer to type my questions in a word processor (emacs) and then cut/paste them, since webform boxes were never meant for editing. The … Continue reading

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Yes, but are they brothers?

While answering one of my Quora questions: someone pointed out that there is a Mario’s restaurant right next to a Luigi’s restaurant! Interestingly, Mario’s calls itself a “Pizzeria and Ristorante”, while Luigi’s reverses the order.

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