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It’s 5:00 … in Newfoundland

In his recent popular song, Alan Jackson sings “it’s only half past twelve, but I don’t care… it’s five o clock somewhere”. In fact, this can happen: when it’s half past twelve in California, it’s 5:00 in Newfoundland: Of course, … Continue reading

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Non-Aesop Greek Fable

A poor man once borrowed money to supplant his meager lifestyle. “But you have borrowed so much money from so many people. How do you expect to pay it back?”, his friend asked. “If I had borrowed a little money, … Continue reading

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Dumb reasons to like songs: “Rumors” by Timex Social Club

“Rumors” by Timex Social Club is a good song, but my *favorite* part is the lyric: “I think I’ll write my Congressman and tell him to pass a bill”. since most people would incorrectly say “pass a law”. You can’t … Continue reading

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Better way to celebrate mathematical and physical constants

Many people celebrate March 14th as “Pi Day” because 3/14 matches the first three digits of Pi. Similarly, some people celebrate February 7th as “E Day” because 2/7 matches the first two digits of E. [I suppose you could celebrate … Continue reading

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F=ma? Newton Was Wrong!

Physics teachers tell us force equals mass times acceleration, but, as any rocket scientist would tell you, this is false. Force is actually the change in momentum over time. Since momentum (p) is mass times velocity, force is actually: F … Continue reading

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Neelix: Voyager’s Loser

Star Trek often shows us heroic characters, but Neelix appears to be the opposite: Neelix saves Kes from slavery, and shows her a new life, but she dumps him anyway The moment Neelix leaves familiar territory, he hooks up w/ … Continue reading

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Albuquerque Street Names

Like many cities, Albuquerque names its streets in groups of 20 (20 city blocks = 1 mile) or 40. Here are the patterns I’ve found so far: North/south streets, starting w/ easternmost: East of Wyoming: not sure State names like … Continue reading

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