How do I send an email to God?

(You): How do I send an email to God?

(Bernardo): email the FSM, and he can fwd the 411 you are looking for :

(You): thanks! I’ve actually been looking for these guys.


(Kamala): You can use this website… or compose and send it in your head. He’ll get it either way. :)

(You): I need to cc someone, and the person I’m cc’ing isn’t telepathic. ;)

(Kamala): then maybe try this one instead: prayers@GODSEMAILBOX.COM :D

(You): much better! The first one didn’t have an email address

(Kamala): Happy to help. Have a good day!

(You): you too!


(Lenois): If you would like to communicate to God, I believe praying is your best option ;-)

(You): thanks, but I need to cc a non-deity :)


(James): You don’t need to. I can just pray. What did you want to say to him put of interest?

(You): thanks, but I need to cc someone, so just prayer won’t work. I am asking for financial help.

(James): If you really wanted to include an email address in your email try make the point that you where writing a prayer you could make up an email address with a fake tld. Would you like me to pray for your situation?

(You): thanks. You’re right, I hadn’t considered that. It’d be nice if it were a working address in case my cc does ‘reply to all’. I’d appreciate that, thank you.


(John): Send it to yourself. God will get it.

(You): not a bad idea, but I want to cc someone and make it clear that I’ve emailed God.


(Derrek): Next time you talk to him, ask him for his email address.

(You): he’s already ignored all my other requests, so I’m guessing his email address’ is out too.

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