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“Blinky the Ghost”? I think not, 30 Rock

In a recent 30 Rock, Tracy Jordan wrote a note saying he wanted a pizza with one slice cut out so he could pretend he was his hero, “Blinky the Ghost”. In the arcade version of Pac-Man (the only one … Continue reading

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Jerry Springer’s Baggage daters

I couldn’t find a list of Jerry Springer’s Baggage daters (which would effectively be an episode list), so here’s the ones I know about: Brandyn Nikki Rebekah Paul Jarrett Tracy Chris Tish Mark Joanne Shannon Jack Daniella Shana Travis Janie … Continue reading

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The secret to productivity…

I’ve been “retired” (not working) for about 2 years now, and haven’t done anything on any of my personal projects. I thought having all that free time would make me super-productive, but it didn’t. Now, it looks like I may … Continue reading

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Failed video SiK

My Comcast bill this month had a $28 charge for “failed video sik”. If you google this (in quotes), there are only 7 hits, none of them useful. SiK stands for “software installation kit”. I upgraded to DVR service. I … Continue reading

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Town House crackers loves Douglas Adams?

A recent Town House crackers commercial shows us the front of three houses. We only see a number on one of them, and that number is….. 42.

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The Tobacco Council has determined…

I think tobacco companies should put warnings about the Surgeon General on their packages, just to even things out a bit.

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War with #perl on

User ‘mst’ kicked me from the #perl channel on for expressing an opinion contrary to his/her own. Later, ‘thrig’, the channel maintainer, told me he supported the kick. It’s disappointing that an open source language channel would be so … Continue reading

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Tweet, tweet goes the robin

I imported my twitter feed into this blog incorrectly, so it now has “barrycarter:” at the start of each post. I may fix it someday…

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Screwing w/ mturk

One of my hobbies is taking mturk surveys and intentionally answering randomly or pretending to be someone else, but being careful to answer the “are you reading” questions correctly. Not only do I make a little money, I like knowing … Continue reading

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Easy(er) Money?

On, people pay you to fill out surveys (among other things). To prove you’ve done it, they give you a “special code” at the end. Some surveys correctly “randomize” the code, but others just use a single word (like … Continue reading

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