How does bidcactus circumvent anti-gambling laws?

(You): How does bidcactus circumvent anti-gambling laws?

(Alex): Bidcactus isn’t gambling – it’s just an auction in which you pay each time you want to make a bid.

(You): Yes, but since you’re buying stuff essentially for free, each “bid purchase” is really a gamble.

(Alex): The simple matter of it is there isn’t chance involved, so it’s not gambling. If you’re the last person to bid, you win, without any element of luck involved.


(Mark): I’ve never known gambling laws to address auctions. There is never a guarantee in any auction that you will be the highest bidder.


(Walter): The answer depends upon:

1. the basis for the claim that participation is gambling, (appeared to

be assumed by you), that is, the particular law which prohibits gambling;

2. the specific provisions of the law claimed to have been violated,

including specific and jurisdictional exceptions;

3. whether the law claimed to be violated has jurisdiction over

internet “gambling”;

4. where the “auction” site is located;

5. who is making the complaint and the connection of the claimant and

purported violator to the law claimed to be applied.

In short, your question is too broad – that is, not specific as to

facts. Law is applied to factual circumstances.

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