Can I use Perl as a login shell (like I use bash and tcsh)?

(You): Can I use Perl as a login shell (like I use bash and tcsh)?

(Chas.): Sort of, but it doesn’t work well. But there is the zoidberg shell that is basically a Perl shell []

(You): thanks! checking it out now

(Chas.): you may also be interested in Devel::REPL ( []) it is a Perl prompt you can type individual Perl statements into and see their return values, similar to perl -nle ‘print eval’ but a lot more powerful.

(You): but can you use it as a day-to-day shell like tcsh? I want a shell that just happens to have the power of Perl

(Chas.): That is what zoidberg is

(You): maybe I’ll dl it… thanks!

(Chas.): Are you familiar with CPAN?

(You): “cpan package” yes? I install some stuff that way, though I also do “yum install perl-thing”

(Chas.): Yum is probably the better method unless you are using local::lib or cpanm to partition your CPAN installed modules vs the package system installed modules

(You): yes, I’ve had trouble mixing yum and cpan since they don’t know about each other. However, “yum search zoid” yields nothing

(Chas.): try zoidberg

(Chas.): []

(You): tried that first and no results. “zoid” yields two unrelated results.

(Chas.): Also, take a look at local::lib ( [])

(You): that’s the magic thing that lets cpan and yum play together?

(Chas.): It lets you install modules from CPAN into a directory other than the system ones

(You): ah, so it doesn’t conflict w/ yum stuff.

(Chas.): Personally, I use perlbrew ( []) to install and manage custom versions of Perl and cpanm ( []) to install CPAN modules (rather than cpan or cpanp)

(You): I had a really bad experience w/ rvm, so I’m staying away from things like that for now.

(Chas.): This means I have a system perl that things the package manager know about get the environment they expect and I get a nice perl that I can play with.

(You): yes, that’s the theory. rvm messed me up all to hell :( [direct gchat:]

(Chas.): Never played with rvm (I am a Perl head not a Rubyist)

(You): I like both – but rvm is basically the same thing – -multiple versions of ruby

(Chas.): I am just trying to make you aware of the Modern Perl toolchain (which is still under heavy development)

(You): I’m sticking with one machine, one version for now :)


(Kumar Sambhav): Hey – I just found something that would be useful –

(Kumar Sambhav): Its important to understand that perl all by itself is like a virtual machine for the context of login shell usage


(Chris): yes, there is a perl shell.

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