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The machine that hosted broke. I am working to transfer all services to a new host, but many things are currently broken.

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Question closed on Need free help in a hurry? is a great site to ask questions and receive
professional answers, but it usually takes time to get an answer and
questions are sometimes closed unnecessarily.

Here are some other options:

You can also try visiting the Physics StackExchange chat room: where the atmosphere
is generally friendlier. In many cases, they will help you with
homework, even if your problem was closed on the main site.

  • If you need help more urgently, or your question was closed on a
    different StackExchange site, you might try:

    • near-real-time help, somewhat
      difficult-to-naviate interface

    • if you just need to check your answers, this
      can be helpful, but it’s been having a few serious problems later,
      so proceed with caution.

    • if your question is more philosophical or
      discussion-based (instead of looking for a specific answer), Quora
      might be the place to post.

If you would like any other sites listed here, please let me know. The
listings below are from individual users, and I have not vetted them:

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Pearls Before Swine comments

Have you ever commented on an old Pearls Before Swine strip and
wondered if anyone replied to your comment?

I maintain a queryable database of gocomics comments to help answer
that question. For example, here are the 100 most recent comments on
Pearls Before Swine (admittedly, many of them are mine, and most of
them are on current strips, and there are glitches):

Here are the most recent comments on older (non-2014) strips:

If you know SQL, you can create your own queries. If not, email me at for help. This works for all gocomics
comics, not just Pearls Before Swine.

If you’re a programmer and can help me with this project, email

There’s also a Pearls Before Swine wiki (I don’t run it) at:

which answers some of the more popular comments questions (sort of):

Croc deaths (not all of them):

Colorization of old strips (page I started):

and a couple of other pages I created:

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Google Maps chokes on null character “typerror: a is null”

I cut and paste some google maps code from, but it didn’t work.

After hours of work, comparing it to known good code, whittling it
down to find the error, and using od, I finally found the problem: the bad script had a null character (ASCII value 0) in it, just afer a semicolon and just before a newline.

I looked at the source of the google document and the null character was there too. I’ve alerted google to the error.

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“Lunar Embassy” scumbag Dennis Hope goes one step too far

Dennis Hope claims to own the moon, and sells pieces of it to
unsuspecting consumers. By putting “this is a novelty gift” on the
deeds, Hope narrowly avoids prosecution.

A while back, however, Hope decided to go one step further and claim
the United States now recognized his sovereignty:

The document he references however is just a copyright
registration and explicitly states “For the contents of the annexed
document, the Department [of State] assumes no responsibility”.

This is likely a federal offense, so I wrote the below to the
Department of State, though it’s unlikely they will take action:

Subject: Criminal use of copyright registration 
Dennis Hope (, who sells "lunar 
real estate", claims that the United States government has recognized 
the soverignity of his "Galactic Government" based on this document 
signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: 
However, this document is merely a copyright registration, and does 
not recognize Hope's soverignity. 
I believe this is a gross and criminal abuse of copyright 
registration, and am asking the Department of State to investigate and 
prosecute Mr Dennis Hope. 
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Poor Linda…

Linda Ronstadt’s latest song….

“Somewhere in there,
where my fingers reach…
I’m thinking of me,
and loving me tonight”


“Shut up, Aaron, I don’t need you anymore!”

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My Poker Book

Another guy named “Barry Carter” wrote a book telling people how to
win at poker.

Big deal! Anyone can do that. Here’s my book (aka blog entry) on how
to lose at poker.

The objective of poker is to lose all your money as fast as possible,
by avoiding patterns of any sort, such as cards with the same number
or symbol on them, or cards that form a sequence like 6-7-8-9-10.

You should also never look at your hole cards, and always raise the
maximum amount possible.

Wild cards, like wild animals, are dangerous. Get rid of them as quickly as possible.

If your opponents suspect you have a good hand, show them your hole
cards, taking care not to look at them yourself, so they can bet

If you somehow have money left after the game, you may throw it to
nearby prostitutes and muggers. These count as poker losses, provided
they occur within 500 feet of the game.

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Twitter scam domains

Twitter scammers often DM with fake twitter domains, such as: [off chance this one is legit, but I don’t think so]

Surprisingly, a google search for these domains yields no results,
so I thought I’d list them all here:

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Foglio’s Bookshop

When Skeeve first visits Deva in Myth Adventures #5 (magazine size
comic book), the bookseller titles are (my comments are in braces {like this}:

Thieves World

Booger Picking [for?] Fun & Profit – Tim Sale

?Engle ?fiala

The Phil A. Delphia Story

A Poodle with a Mowhawk – L. Barry {reference to Poodle with a Mohawk by Lynda Barry}

Life in Hell – M.G. {real book; tribute to Matt Groening}

[book with no title]

The Tale of Beatrot Potter {Beatrix Potter reference?}

Scru? Dog of Alaska

Son of Necromoncon


Pertwillby Papers 2 {reference to The Pertwillaby Papers}

Nancy: Threat or Menace?

Jokes [and?] Games – Crowley


Directions – Mac?




Swords of Cerebus (2,3,4,5) {real books by Dave Sim}

Stop ?

Additional signs read:

Foglio’s Amazing Weight Reduction Program (now in paperback!) {because
paperbacks weigh less than hardcover}

Yes! We Carry Warp(tm) Comix!!

Golden Age Collectables

Knowledge is Power Read {on tshirt}

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Britta’s got a nice Perry…

The only transcription I could find of the newspaper article above (from Community) was in google’s cache, not on any live sites. I’m copying that transcription here (I was going to transcribe it myself, but the google cache version appears accurate):

Punky Protesters Pervert Progress

Protesters gathered today at the Greendale County Courthouse in support of an unlikely heroine, and her name is Mysti. Yes that’s Mysti with an “i” and yes, she’s
a stripper. You might wonder why a women’s rights group, who call themselves the aptly named An-Her-Chists, would rally in support of a woman who makes a living
objectifying herself. I know I did. But the story is so much more than that, and it all starts with the purple-haired, metal-studded leader of An-Her-Chists,
Britta Perry. From one-eyed cats to homeless veterans, Ms. Perry has spent the last two and a half years of her life dedicated to the causes of Greendale. Speaking
out for the defendant, Ms. Perry states, “Women have the right to use their bodies in whatever way they see fit. If that self-expression involved a stripper pole,
then so be it.”

When asked to explain her views, Ms. Perry was vaguely adamant. “It doesn’t matter that she’s a stripper. She could be a nurse, or a firefighter, or an accountant,
or a lawyer even. She could be your mom, well not your mom, but she could be somebody’s mom. She could be a dentist, or a social worker, or a chef – but you know
what? She’s a stripper. So for An-Her-Chists’ sake, shouldn’t we let her express herself in path that she has has chosen?”

The other protesters had voiced similar vows of support for Mysti. One such protester, who asked to remain anonymous, voiced her support for the strip club
industry as not only an employer of dozens of Greendale citizens, but also a venue for women to express themselves. Mysti, the stripper in question, declined to be
interviewed for this article.

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